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Do you think before you buy?

Do you ever think about where a product comes from and who you are supporting?

There is a lot to consider when making that perfect purchasing at the perfect price not just for our home but with every day things. There are so many products that are mass produced and a large percentage comes from overseas. Do you think to buy Australian where you can and also support small?

Most of the time the mass produced products usually come with a cheaper price tag as the buying power is much greater. These products are usually made and targeted towards the "on trend" market for the season, and then sometimes we would dispose of when it's not "in" anymore. You'll also find that most large bricks and mortar stores will promote cheap products or every day low prices just to get people into their stores, and then hope you purchase other profitable products when visiting.

I alway consider looking at products that will withstand the test of time, that are affordable and not with the hefty price tag. I've found over the years that cheaper priced products usually don't last as long, and if they do by the off chance then you would be one of the lucky ones. These cheaper products are targeted at consumers on a budget, who like a bargain or just a quick fix for the time being.

Have you ever thought about how long a product will last, should I spend a bit more, should I buy something unique that not everyone else has, or should I get a well known branded product that is known to be of better quality and will last longer? Do you think ....will I still love it in years to come?

Purchasing items that you will love for years will also help with less landfill, help our environment, and quite possibly save us money down the track.

Then there's those products with a higher price tag and this is due to a few things. The product/s are made to high standards, are of great quality, come with lifetime guarantees, imported with high costs, limited editions, custom made, and so on....or they could just be priced to cover the stores overheads or have been branded to be the "lust have" item.

Products are generally priced according to consumer usage, stock turns, quality, production, competition, trends, market levels and so many other factors. Sometimes a consumers will simply purchase a product because of the brand as it has been marketed well by strategic influencers. When people trust a brand they will usually buy it.

I see people buying crazy expensive products because they are "labels" and I ask myself why? It all comes down to people perceiving an image with a brand. Brands will use large influencers to persuade consumers to buy, we also get sucked into what celebrities wear, use and advertise, what is on trend, who blogs about it, and how a product is marketed by the company.

So wouldn't it be amazing if we all shopped and supported small businesses in Australian and especially the ones that design and produce their own products too. Majority of the time these small businesses are only run by 1 or 2 people, they work long endless hours to make their dreams come true, and they genuinely are driven because they love what they do. What if we also look deeper into those small business owners that produce amazing quality products that will last for years and offer products at affordable pricing? What if they also looked at the environmental components, like sustainability, FSC certifications and many other specifications.

Wouldn't it also be great knowing the money is going back to that owner which in turn reinvests the money back into making more amazing products right here in Australia! Has this got you thinking?

I know I look at supporting small businesses when I need to buy a gift and things for my home. It would be so wonderful if we all looked at the fine detail of a business and knowing you helped that small business out too.

The fact is, this is exactly what you get when buying from Pick a Pear. For those that haven't met me before or followed my journey over the past 4 years, I'm Jane Harris, the Owner and Artist at Pick a Pear. I do all the marketing, admin, data entry, order packing and everything else behind the Pick a Pear brand. It’s just little old me that makes it all happen and I work bloody hard at it too. I must admit, I'm pretty proud at what I've created and achieved so far and am thankful to everyone that has supported, encouraged, purchased and followed by journey.

When I started this small business in April 2015 I had a vision to create a brand that is well known for quality, variety and uniqueness. Being artistic from a very young age I wanted to share my creativity with you all. I started off very small, had a very selected art range, went through numerous print trials to ensure I was happy with the quality of the ink lift on the product, the type of ink used, the initial product being printed on, and concentrated on my reproductions being as close to the original artwork as possible.

The process from designing an art piece, to selling it to a consumer is a time consuming process. There's so many factors to consider whilst concentrating on getting a brand well respected and known within the industry.

From the first day I started the Pick a Pear brand my number 1 priority was providing high quality products with an affordable price tag. Targeting the home stylist, interior stylist, homeware lovers and those that simply love art and being creative.

Artwork is such an important part when designing and styling a room. It transforms a space and creates a focal point. I see so many art pieces in the market that are "on trend" and then years later they're out of date or the market gets swamped with similar cheaper alternatives that are mass produced. These are usually made overseas and don't support local businesses.

What you will always get from me is "quality". I don't skimp, I use great quality ink and watercolours on acid free art paper to create detail in every single original art piece.

Scanning each art piece is the crucial part to ensure I get every little detail possible. I use a small family printing business in Adelaide to reproduce my unframed wall art prints, and a family framing business in Melbourne to do all my canvas and framed artwork. So when you purchase artwork from Pick a Pear you are not just supporting me, but you are supporting two other local family owned businesses that also pride themselves with quality and love for what they do. This in itself makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

I tend to create and design pieces that are unique, are handmade with ink and watercolour, and that will be loved for years. I create pieces that are more "in style" more so than a seasonal "on trend". Artwork that you can mix and match with seasonal decor trends that simply just work together. I still to this day, love my very first Pick a Pear creations being the Bohemian Flamingos and they are still loved and purchased by many happy customers.

We all follow trends, they come and go and we continue to buy such items throughout each season. So with this in mind, we should all consider buying from small businesses and support Australian made products as much as possible.

Pick a Pear - Creative Design by Jane Harris, specialising in creating beautiful quality wall art for interior styling.

I love what I do each and every day and it makes me so happy that I am able to share it with you.

I would love for you to follow my journey, support small, share the love, and see how this little business evolves.

I've got some exciting things coming up this year, so connect with me on Instagram @pick_a_pear_creative and on Facebook. I encourage you to comment and engage with my feed so you don't miss a thing, and also to let me know what you like and what you don't. It helps me create more amazing designs for you.


Jane Harris


Photo credits: @scandilane_; @bettina_brent; @pick_a_pear_creative; @lennon_house; @thewhitecottage_; @styledbydi

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