Native Eucalyptus Greenery Foliage | WALL DECAL

Native Eucalyptus Greenery Foliage Wall Decal Stickers by Artist Jane Harris.


Create a space you will love with these amazing quality removable, repositionable and reusable fabric wall decals.


Each decal is from an original watercolour painting in gorgeous shades of green.   A great design and colour to create a calming and subtle feature in a room.


Our Native Eucalyptus decals come in one size and are sold in packs.  Each decal is approx 15.5 x 9.5cm.  Each pack has half of the decals facing left and the other facing right so you can alternate each one.


These beautiful wall decals are perfect to place in bedrooms, playrooms, nurseries, schools, kindergardens, childcare centres and more!


The Mini Pack is perfect for smaller spaces. You can also use on smooth surfaces like chest of draws, tubs, cupboard, sidetables and more! Also as an addition to larger packs if you need.

The 1/2 pack  (42 decals) is perfect for a half wall or feature wall. Can also be ovelapped to create a lush border under the cornice if you choose.

The Full Pack (84 decals) is perfect for a standard wall size (2.4 m x 3m). Approx 12 decals across and 7 down.


To create more impact just add a mini pack to the full pack so you can place the decals closer together, or overlap them to create longer and fuller foliage.


Create a wallpaper effect by spacing the decals out evenly or create a border along a wall.  Choose the pack you require for your space and go for it.


Place them randomly at different angles or place them evenly to create a wallpaper affect.  We suggest you cut out a square cardboard sheet measuring around 15-20cm if you want them evenly spaced as use as a guided template.  Angle your board like a diamond and place the decals at each corner.


The best way to work out how many decals you will require is:

1. Measure your wall.

2. Work out how much space you'd like between each decal.

An example on how to calculate using a square template of 15cm:


3 metre wall width.  15cm space between. Decal is 9.5 cm wide.  300cm (wall width) div by 24.5  (space+decal width) = 12.24

So you would evenly space 12 decals horizontally across.


2.4 metre wall height. 15cm space between.  Decal is 15.5cm high.  240cm (wall height) div by 30.5 (space+decal height) = 7.86

So you would evenly space 7 decals vertically down.


3. Times the width x height (12 x 7) = 84 decals required.


Perfect if you are renting as you can use, remove, and then reuse again and again!


Quick and easy application (material handling and installation instructions included).


If you'd like to check out our entire decal range, please click here.


Please note:  These wall decals are not toys and we recommend placing decals out of reach of your child as they can easily be removed.  Choking hazard.  Adult superision is alway required. Styling images may not be to scale, and you should check measurements to suit your requirements.

Native Eucalyptus Greenery Foliage | WALL DECAL

Primary Artwork Colour: Green
  • These wall decals are from an original watercolour paintings.

    These decal stickers are designed to stick to any non-porous smooth & flat interior surface.  These include walls, doors, glass, stainless steel, acrylic, polycarbonate and painted surfaces that do not contain wax in the paint.

    These decals come with a white border around the artwork due to the delicate and intricate detail of the artwork. 

    The decal material is a 140gsm 100% woven polyester fabric that is 95% blockout that is a bright white matt finish.  It come with a 100gsm liner and the adhesive is oil based with low tack. It is PVC free and is non-toxic.

    The opaqueness is perfect for hiding marked walls (especially in the non-printed areas of the decal).

    It is removable, reusable and repositionable.  It does not remove paint from a primed wall and is safe to apply over wallpaper.  It also applies without wrinkles as the air bubbles filter out through the fabric, and it does not tear.  It removes easily with no residue.

    Our decals will not damage your surface when adhering to our instructions.

    We use UV inks so your wall decals will not fade and stay beautiful for years to come.

    Always ensure the receiving surface is completely dry and thoroughly cleaned, free of dust, dirt, moisture or cleaner residues.

    Allow min 40 days for a newly painted surface to dry and completely outgas.  Bubbles can occur if paint is still outgassing.

    Ensure all gyprock / drywall painted and repainted surfaces have been primed in order to avoid unwanted adhesive residue and/or paint peeling on removal.  Do not apply to bubbling paint.

    We do not recommend applying to brick or heavily textured/porus surfaces as this generally tends to significantly reduce the adhesion and performace of the decal.  Surfaces that have been painted with wash & wear, Silicone or Teflon infused paints generally tend to significantly reduce the adhesion and performance of the decal. Check your paint first!

    All decals are rolled and placed into a poly bag, packaged with bubble wrap and placed into a postal tube.  Please store in original packaging when not in use.

    We will include an instruction sheet with Material Handling and Surface Preparation details.

    We endeavour to get all orders out as soon as possible. All our products are printed to order, so we generally allow upto 14 working days before shipment.

    If required sooner please add a note to your order and we will do our best to accommodate.